Tangible orders are manually packaged and then shipped. Due to life and time, I may not immediately fill all orders. Some items/orders may be placed on hold due to unexpected loss of inventory/theft/health. Or, I may be on vacation---thus they will be filled when I return. My desire to meet customer service may allow me to complete orders as fast as possible, and accept suggestions, yet nothing here or in the future warrants any action besides making the transaction move forward and be completed, if possible---worst case scenario: a full return will be made---this may require a third party to complete on my behalf, and the customer may suggest a process to aid in the transaction. I may place some message on the site during these times; if a request must be filled during this time, then I have all right to charge a premium or offer first come first serve options to be filled when I return---specifics will depend on creativity. In addition intangibles are available for purchase. The transaction may grant immediate access, but please make sure to retain the link and download the sheets, docs, software, apps, software, etc. immediately. Included, the buyer agrees to non disclosure of these links, or any other form of access. Access is only for the purchaser of the program, etc. I realize there may cases where you must, or want to share the information, even for educational purposes, please make every effort to compensate me; this is definitely the case when the person you recommend the trial, file to is able to make any money/profit. I will have a "Request Invoice" page, for any case, or something I never thought of occurs---like some spammer/troll and you are a good Samaritan.  [Well I was going to do that, but then I thought it would just be easier if you sent it through paypal at ,because I already set it up...I hope. Well I did, but I have no idea if I fked up.]
Once again, 
Thank You For Your Purchase. 
P.S. Enjoy the Humor & Life Lessons

Arturo Miranda Jr Online Retailer

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