Friday, November 25, 2016


So, I was trying to decide between writing this article or going to Walmart to buy some socks. I'm sure it's Black Friday? I don't know know. My mind has trouble accepting some things like that. It's not that I'm wrong, yet I just feel wrong. It's like I told my class after getting my MATH test back for finite mathematics. AWWW. I don't why I put that number. My mind keeps putting down imaginary numbers, and I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THAT KIND OF MATH! I even looked at a summary on imaginary numbers on some scientific website. Apparently there are some applications that get close to electricity or even electrical charges in the brain. I don't remember most or all it. I just remember my inference. Apparently the brain can follow the right logic, but still lapse into a parallel universe conclusion by some freaky black hole conversion or conjunction. Aka. Union.

Okay enough Physics or freaky science which will lead to the greatest innovations known to the history of man---it's definitely going to explain a lot, but I'm no expert. :)

Instead I'm going to talk about some freaky faith experiences. I am sure most people have them. However, I say they are not truly freaky, but instead they are some kind of parable.

Okay, so if didn't talk about it before on here. I had a date.
We both didn't realize it was a date, but maybe after the fact we did.
Hint: it's still a secret. Or maybe it's not, I don't know. If you hate that I don't know...I don't care. My mind doesn't make the same connections, or think the same way as yours. I still hope we get married. xD

lol. okay. Enough. Time to write about the topic.

It's seems we got into some deep conversation (I hear the whistling, the ooohs, and the cheers). We talked about our experience with God. Yes, it was personal. duh. Who cares and don't be afraid talk to the girl or the guy! Don't be a player...Unless you know she's the one? Flirt. Be yourself. If it doesn't work then it's just lust or infatuation.

Back peddling. I was told she had friends, family, and church members talk about God calling her. She then had a dream. In this dream she was slowing lifted into heaven, but Jesus allowed her to take a peaceful sleep along the way---giving her the sense of his love, for her. And, then she was in Heaven. She was awoken, and from above came the voice of God, the Father. "Congratulations, [her name] you made it into Heaven." She told me that it was one of those things where you wonder, why me?
 She had the confirmation later. She was of course afraid to talk about it at the time. Yet, her mom knew about the dream. Her mom says she was told by people in her church. And that too is where I thought of Holy Spirit, the gifts, and the talents we are given (I actually put the Parable of the Talents on the back of my business cards: just the scripture reference verse: Matthew 25:14-25:30).

So, I was trying to decide how to reply. I told her about my some of my dreams. In summary and skipping some parts. I told her I even saw Satan, it was one of those dreams where I'm a kid (I was actually a kid) and can't wake up. It was like Inception, a dream within a dream. And I kept trying to wake up. I couldn't wake up. I was trying to get to my parents door and wake them. Somehow I finally woke up. I even saw the Virgin Mary. Finally, I even saw Jesus. I told her about how I was in a trailer, and probably in a trailer park. He was knocking on the window. Somehow I ended up outside. He showed me a map. There where several x's connected by broken lines (----) in a curvy one way path towards the the treasure X (the big x) and told me to go there. At first there were landmarks, I think I accepted the task. Since, I ended up in the real world (still in the dream). Yet, the map quickly disappeared as I hit the first landmark, getting outside of my house (this time it was my real house at the time). I was trying to look for the landmarks but they were the first things to disappear, then the path, and then the paper. I was left in the world on my own, but even in my dream I had faith. Some weird stuff happened, but instead I will talk about the meaning I may have just understood recently.
This goes back to the parable of the talents.
My first talent, I call it The Insight Of God.
My second gift or talent added was this parable. I seem to have inherited the companionship of the Holy Spirit. I told my date. The Holy Spirit works in funny ways. Sometimes I am thinking of something or trying to figure out something. And, as if God himself were talking to me; they talk about what I am doing, what I was trying to figure out, or thinking about. Sometimes they talk as if they were God himself, talking to me (Maybe they were disguised as Angels). So, I know this is a gift. Sometimes where I go, I hear the voice of God through others. The world is my map. The people are my targets. And the final destination may be Heaven. (Yet, I don't know) That's what I infer at the moment.
Regardless, Here is my parable of the dreams and the talents.
Thank You.
P.S. Don't be afraid to support... Every bit counts.


Hint: Figure it out Math majors. ;D


Once again, Thank You!
Yes, God loves you. 
I dare you to test him!!!!

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